Who are we?

We are Tokimeki Cosmetics in Kyoto, Japan.

Tokimeki Cosmetics delivers Japanese high quality cosmetics to the world.

Tokimeki means excitement with expectation and joy.

To make Tokimeki to you with Japanese cosmetics, we will introduce Japanese cosmetics!


Why do we start Tokimeki Cosmetics?

Japanese cosmetics are well known to the world because of the quality.

However Japanese cosmetics that can be obtained overseas are only a part of all.

There are many wonderful Japanese cosmetics that aren’t well known to the world.

We wanted to deliver such great Japanese cosmetics to everyone in the world to help them getting more beauty.


What will we deliver to you?

We live in Kyoto(Japan) so we can know the latest trendy Japanese cosmetics.

We will introduce you to the latest cosmetic products in Japan that are not yet available in overseas markets and cosmetics prevalent in Japan.


Thank you for your attention.

Tokimeki Cosmetics