Japanese hot lipgross Flowfushi Lipgross 38℃

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Have you ever experienced your lips get rough with the lip you bought?

Lip gloss is difficult to choose, as lips become rough and vertical wrinkles are formed, and the color of the lip floats.

Actually, the lip gloss of Japan’s flowfish 38 ℃ solves such a problem!

This time, I will introduce what is Japanese popular lip gloss, flowfish 38 ℃.

Lick this lip gloss, let ‘s treat the roughness of the lips and pick it up and get a cheerful lips!

What’s Flowfushi 38℃, Japanese hot lipgross?

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Flowfish 38 ℃ is a lip gloss focused on caring for your lips.

The vertical wrinkle of the lip disappears just by wearing for 7 days, the care effect is outstanding!

In addition to the care effect, you can choose items from the four colors according to the color of the lips, so the color will not float.

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It is an excellent item that you can stylish while caring for lip.

6 Reasons why Flowfushi 38℃ is recommended


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The popularity of flowfish 38 ℃ in Japan is in the height of function.

You can see that Japan’s quality is high, such as the world’s first technology used.

There are five reasons for recommending 38 ° C.

  1. World’s first lactobacillus blend lip gross
  2. No damage to lips
  3. 7days use makes your lips cared
  4. Four colors according to the ideal lip temperature
  5. Cute packages

We will explain in order!

(1) World’s first lactobacillus blend lip gross

Lactobacillus acts on the indigenous bacteria originally present on the lips, making the state of the lips healthier!

(2) No damage to lips

Will not your lip become rusty with lip gloss?

Lip 38 ° C can make your lips smooth and healthy.

(3) 7days use makes your lips cared

Lip38℃ cares the wrinkles of the lip and makes smooth with no wrinkle.

(4) Four colors according to the ideal lip temperature

We line up to the lips in the best condition at 38 ° C, tailored to the color of each person’s lips.

(5)Cute packages

The package is popular in Japan as cute and luxury.

Not only cute, but also sticking to ease of painting, the tip of it is exquisite tilted.

How can you get FLOWFUSHI Lip 38℃?

You can purchase Lip 38 ℃ at Tokimeki Cosmetics.

Please select your favorite color from the purchase page below.

Product page: FLOWFUSHI Lip38℃(5℃)

You can use credit card payment.

After settlement is completed, confirmation information will be sent to the email address you input from us.

After that, the goods will reach you under 1 ~ 2 weeks!

Please try using it immediately and check the comfort!

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